Friday, March 25, 2011

On Pattern Recognition

"The price pattern reminds you that every movement of importance is but a repetition of similar price movements, that just as soon as you can familiarize yourself with the actions of the past, you will be able to anticipate and act correctly and profitably upon forthcoming movements."

Jesse Livermore


Lavinia said...

Indeed. E dubios, dar oamenii par ca se comporta azi cum se comportau si acum 4 secole :)).

Florin TOTH said...

:)) Am putea merge si mai adanc in istorie cu asemanarile de comportament..

Lavinia said...

Sa stii :) Am zis de 4 secole referindu-ma strict la speculatii. Daca avem in vedere intreaga gama de comportament ciudat, care afecteaza si pietele, eu cred ca asa e natura umana, ma indoiesc ca se va schimba ceva vreodata :).